About Fork Knife Swoon

Welcome to Fork Knife Swoon, my outlet for all things delicious! I created Fork Knife Swoon as a place to share my love of beautiful, flavorful food, entertaining, and culinary adventures.

I'm a firm believer in cooking with fresh, local, organic, and seasonal food in mind, whenever possible. Great food doesn't have to be complicated - simply cooked with love and care. I learned to cook as a child mostly without recipes - I come from a big family of wonderful cooks and bakers who have passed down their knowledge, recipes and love and inspired my passion for cooking and eating great food.

I spend just about all my free time fussing about in my kitchen, where I cook, shoot, (and eat!) everything you see on Fork Knife Swoon. When I'm not creating new recipes, shopping for seasonal ingredients and photographing the results, I'm a full-time Interior Designer at a hospitality design firm in San Francisco.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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